SUMMERTIME Throwbacks Hannah Maloney on following your shen!

February 07, 2022 Jade Miles Season 5 Episode 6
SUMMERTIME Throwbacks Hannah Maloney on following your shen!
Show Notes

Summer is for going slow with your people. We're making the most of this too here at FS HQ. But don't worry,  we've created a short & sexy summer season  of thought provocation by delving  into the archives & reloading some of the best conversations we've recorded over the last two years.

If there's a human who represents the quintessential qualities of living like tomorrow matters, it just might be Hannah Maloney. 

A former front line picketer, Hannah transitioned to a more sustainable approach to advocacy for climate action and First Nations justice when she founded Good Life Permaculture and is now based in Tassie on Muwinina country where days of voluntary simplicity provide time for her community which she collaborates with to teach, design and live with love. 

Hannah is a radical homemaker who has just released a book, blogs her knowledge for all to learn from and has recently forayed into the world of television presenting on Gardening Australia.


  • Hannah's transition from frontline activism to a more sustainable pace to avoid burnout
  • Why a simple life can be a hard life but when infused with joy, a wonderful life
  • Following your Shen energy
  • Choosing to sit on the edge of comfort and forcing yourself to cope with discomfort where often the greatest outcome is achieved
  • Showing up despite adversity, for the sake of the individual AND self assurance
  • Discovering the wonders of planting, food flowers and fibre
  • Going to bed in a state of love every day
  • Practical ideas for swapping resources with our neighbours like your vacuum
  • Seeking ways to be more useful
  • Avoiding dogma for self and others
  • Loving people unconditionally where they’re at
  • Why she wakes at 4am each day
  • Preserving her natural energy
  • Radical Hope - it's not what you might suspect
  • The power of imagination


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