SUMMERTIME Throwbacks - Steph Green - Raising wildlings, romancing the self and removing the noise

January 31, 2022 Jade Miles
SUMMERTIME Throwbacks - Steph Green - Raising wildlings, romancing the self and removing the noise
Show Notes

Summer is for going slow with your people. We're making the most of this too here at FS HQ. But don't worry,  we've created a short & sexy summer season  of thought provocation by delving  into the archives & reloading some of the best conversations we've recorded over the last two years.

Get to know the wild, wise and wonderful Steph Phillips (aka Green and Growing Things) who's living the simple life in rural Tassie.

Steph shares her four year transition from “Stiletto Steph” to “Simple Steph”, now raising three nature-loving wildlings in a frugal, seasonal and rhythmic fashion that's our kind of inspirational.

In this slow paced and honest convo, Steph talks about everything from making paint from foraged materials to self-compassion, community bonds and her love/hate relationship with social media.

One of those positive and affirming conversations that'll make you feel a whole lot better about the world. Listen in.


  • Raising wildlings 
  • From having a purpose-built shoe wardrobe to her current life
  • The influence of Sir David Attenborough in kicking off her life changes
  • Bedding down small changes before you leap to the next change
  • The importance of hibernation time: read, think, sit in order to gain strength for the busy times
  • Helping kids fall in love with the earth
  • Avoiding comparison-itis with really strong boundaries on social media
  • Why we need to stay connected to self, our surrounds, the natural world
  • The ‘say and do gap’. The power of leading by example and sitting in your crap.
  • Guiding children with the mantra: “Use your manners and trust your heart.”
  • Moving to Tassie four years ago
  • A day in the life of a family of five who are living intentionally and simply
  • Creating a farm of ‘pets’
  • Natural activities for kids: foraging, paint-making, collections
  • Forcing yourself to see the beauty in things; to stop, observe and give them the reverence they deserve.
  • The delight of writing a book that fosters creativity and curiosity
  • Being kind to ourselves despite feeling the weight of hypocrisy
  • Participating in things that are out of our comfort zones; womens circles, chanting groups
  • Everyone has a story
  • Treating your phone like the inanimate object that it is
  • Making water colour paints from foraged finds


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