SUMMERTIME Throwbacks - Tricia Hogbin - Earning a resilient life!

January 17, 2022 Jade Miles
SUMMERTIME Throwbacks - Tricia Hogbin - Earning a resilient life!
Show Notes

Summer is for going slow with your people. We're making the most of this too here at FS HQ. But don't worry,  we've created a short & sexy summer season  of thought provocation by delving  into the archives & reloading some of the best conversations we've recorded over the last two years.

Have you spent much time in the bush on your own?
Do you listen to your heart when making life's big decisions?
What about social media - ever given it the flick?

This conversation with Tricia Hogbin of little eco footprints might inspire you to do more of all three. 

Tricia lives with her husband and daughter in a downscaled shipping container, and while her “husband earns the money, she earns their resilience”.

She takes her cues from Mother Nature and the moon, and knows the power of taking a breather, slowing down and seeking answers by turning inwards.

With a good dose of open and healthy conversation about the life stages of women , all things moon cycles, shamanic witchcraft and spending time alone in the bush, this might just be the conversation all women need to hear to inspire that curious path of listening to one's heart.


  • Avoiding the debt trap
  • Childhood commitment to protecting nature
  • Obscene naive materialism where consumption is dictating our choices
  • Nature connection gatherings for women, focus on slowing down, tuning into inner self, ritual
  • Barefoot bushwalking, women’s circles
  • Living a life by the cycles of the moon
  • Experiencing a wilderness solo
  • Stepping away from the grip of social media & taking a six month sabbatical
  • Having the same rules for online communications as we do in the real world
  • Raising children who are resilient, creative and courageous
  • Shamanic Womancraft: reconnecting with the earth seasons and the lunar cycles. “A way to facilitate healing by reclaiming our feminine knowledge.” 
  • Facing menopause
  • Pre Menstural Supervision 
  • Maiden, Mother, Maga, Crone
  • “The deeper the journey, the more inwards I face and the smoother the road out in front.”
  • Seeking time with wise elders
  • Taking time in the forest for wild solitude to create a clear vision and gift yourself time
  • The beauty of being uncomfortable and inconvenienced
  • Turning the volume of others down so we can listen to our wise hearts 


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