Naturally Well with Jo - Being an intuitive generalist, surrendering to reality & not pretending!

November 29, 2021 Jade Miles Season 4 Episode 8
Naturally Well with Jo - Being an intuitive generalist, surrendering to reality & not pretending!
Show Notes

Jo Smith is a self proclaimed generalist who juggles life as a twin mama, market gardener, yoga therapist and active contributor to her tiny Tasmanian community on Bruny Island. Jade and Jo shoot the breeze about farming life & decide that despite the hardships, she wouldn't trade it for the world - even the wind. Join them for tangents and truths of this beautiful, grounded, physical and dirty existence at the bottom of the world.  

Episode Summary
Growing food for others and to navigate mental health

Being a twin mama, type A, vata personality

Finding solace in the garden letting mother earth heal

The endless lessons that are taught by gardening 

Learning to surrender to the reality that there’s no control

If we nurture mother nature she nurtures us and then we can nurture others

Seeing gardening as being a nutritionist 

From no knowledge about growing food to feeling deeply connected to land

Keep growing food no matter what the success or failures

Learning from others regardless of fundamental beliefs

Considering water, wind, soil type and access to markets before going into farming/growing

The truth of country life - it’s bloody hard

Farming is the LONG game - Don't get into farming if you’re seeking instant gratification

10 years to build up the soil as a no dig garden

Wanting to grow food rather than go to the shops

Prioritising self care; daily meditation, nightly restorative yoga, excellent diet, 

Starting with 2.5 x 2.5 metres to learn the art of gardening before expanding into market scale

Reminding ourselves that we can’t do it all

Having $ to set up a farm and juggling that balance

Sharing the farming experience honestly, 

Hope driven by the increasing enthusiasm from people who want to be part of the change 

Identifying and sharing the ‘WHY’ behind our lives

It took a couple of years to recalibrate her pace and become comfortable with the quiet

The art of entertaining yourself - taking ownership of our leisure time

Yogic Dharma - your life purpose

Reconnecting back to self

Building self belief and learning to really listen

Circular reciprocity

Living naturally and sharing with others as her way to offer service

We make change by creating communities of sharing wisdom and knowledge and playing the part that we are supposed to.

Living in community requires incredible patience, tolerance and open mindedness

Embracing identity as ALL the things that we are not just the curated brand

Being YOU

Becoming adept at adapting

Being an intuitive generalist rather than an academic specialist

Not pretending - Finding your flow 

Leaning on community

Re establishing our culture to acknowledge those around us


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