Hannah Maloney - go on, get some of the good life!

November 08, 2021 Jade Miles Season 4 Episode 5
Hannah Maloney - go on, get some of the good life!
Show Notes

Hannah Maloney: Our fave IT girl is back in your ears to share her message of radical hope, living a life of joy and pushing past the overwhelm at the state of the world despite being furious at current politics. In her usual effervescent manner, we chat about all the hard things including her 'unlearning journey' and the power of self reflection.
As charismatic and breathtaking as she is accessible-girl-next-door, listen in to this convo with Hannah Maloney for a little taste of the good life ... but don't expect it to be the easy life.

Episode Summary

Released her first book recently. 

Radical Hope: how to have active hope. 

Code red for humanity. IPCC report. 

How to deal with sadness of the state of the world? 

 Being furious at current politics and industry leaders. 

The climate conversation is everyone’s conversation. We need to connect through open-minded, honest conversation. How do you have those conversations on the divide? How are you expressing your deepest concerns without being more divisive? 

Start normalising the hard conversations without the fear of stuffing it up, without the fear of offending or misunderstanding the topics and indigenous knowledge. 

Creating a  cultural revolution where we rebuilt what success looks like 
Our individual sense of enough in a society that heavily relies on intellect, academia and consumption. 

Talk about social justice and how the death of her mother at a young age strengthened desire making to make it a part of your identity. 

Family relations: Having a healthy distance in family. In our culture we have this assumption that you have to be close to family and can rely on support from them but that is not always the case for us. 

Talk about unlearning all sorts of things!  unlearn to dislike the traditional education system and capitalist approach and fear of speaking up. 

The importance of reflecting on our own response and to pay attention to our internal landscape. Our capacity to heal ourselves is important in our capacity to heal our environment.  

The Hot Box Hack...

Living your best life living below the poverty line.

Here’s to hope! 


The Good Life - Hannah Maloney
Concept of radical hope:  Rebecca Solnit
IPCC report: wg1
Steiner Education
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The Art of Frugal Hedonism
Black Barn Farm 

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