Claire Riley - living like tomorrow matters with a diagnosis of MS

November 01, 2021 Jade Miles Season 4 Episode 4
Claire Riley - living like tomorrow matters with a diagnosis of MS
Show Notes

Clare is so much more than her MS diagnosis but when she contacted us, eager to share how living like tomorrow matters  plays out after a diagnosis, we realised we'd never considered her perspective on the show and in that, our privilege became acutely apparent.
40% of Australians have a chronic illness yet so often it goes unacknowledged. With a pod of her own and a young family she is building awareness by sharing  her every day reality while building solidarity for those in similar shoes. This is her story.

Show Notes
Suburban childhood that was filled with camping and hiking trips that set her up for an outdoor life
Finding her people at Wollangarra 
What is Wollangarra and how it defined her life
Getting a diagnosis of MS 
Taking multiple years to accept her diagnosis
Needing more words for pain to describe what life with MS is like
Living like tomorrow matters for those with a life long health diagnosis
Why its not always possible to make big moves on sustainability actions 
"If I can grow and eat a tomato plant from seed - that’s a huge achievement"
Getting a teaching degree for the single reason to work at falls creek primary school
Redefining herself as someone with a diagnosis
"I’m still the same person I was, I just have another chapter"
Women are more likely to be diagnosed so the way MS is communicated is very story-like
Looking after yourself with MS is a full time job Not having the luxury of ignoring self care needs Fitting in the necessary exercises around the every day needs
Embracing being in the cold - swimming every day in the Melbourne bay
Being hopeful because of the way her son responds to the world around you 
Success sits in daily satisfaction and making a difference to all things big and small, moment to moment
The value of giving yourself a break - Go gently
Take one step - you don’t have to do all the things
The open arms of the MS community which encourages conversation, open grief and removing shame
40% of the population have a chronic illness but we are so shamed by this that we don’t talk about it publicly
People with disabilities are not necessarily ignored but they are often not seen 
Planning her days around her health but not wanting to live like its all there is 



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