Beau Miles - a rather odd, story telling hermit who defines community when doing the dishes

October 25, 2021 Jade Miles & Catie Payne Season 4 Episode 3
Beau Miles - a rather odd, story telling hermit who defines community when doing the dishes
Show Notes

Our most downloaded backyard adventurer is chatting with us again but this time with better sound and more sleep under his belt so  we are witness to a  more true version of this humorous, odd character.  A self titled 'polyjobist; a generalist at many things, he shares the challenge of writing a book after a decade in academia, worrying about breaking the law to make films and shares why he took up his granddads wood chopping axes despite his mediochre capability.
Our conversation is all 'Miles' - it follows tangents,   is really personal and stays true to his advice giving allergy. 

Show Notes

  • Falling short on expectations and promises
  • Fear of being sued - breaking the law to film documentaries
  • Reframing your view of the world from your child-like baseline
  • “Bad River” - soon to be released film series
  • ‘I don’t like being a negative storyteller but the time for me to have an opinion is here
  • I suppose I love attention but I’ve got hermit written all over me
  • A really quiet kid that began to bust out into his physicality which helped define him
  • Was he an undiagnosed dyslexic kid? Is that formative in creating who he is?
  • Learning maths by building things 
  • Why he took up grandads ax’s to become a wood chopper
  • Being the mouth piece for those who you surround yourself with
  • Storytelling via various mediums: Film, book 
  • Being Beau - thinking in tangents, following abstract thoughts, speaking in first person, finding your voice
  • My greatest skill in life is being a hard worker
  • Why recording his book as an audio book taught him where his writing faults are
  • Phenomonology - crating definition and essences out of subjectivity
  • The challenges of being a story teller 
  • Our life is about defining our essences
  • While being attracted to individualism - life is simply just better when lived with others
  • Being watered down as an individual by becoming a parent
  • Why community is defined by doing the dishes
  • Reducing moving parts - from film making to doing dishes
  • Island foods - planning a trip with Paul West, Jade Miles and Beau Miles and three basic foods
  • Describing himself in three words: Hardy, Resilient, Odd
  • I think we are all odd but I'm just willing to say it
  • His allergy to advice giving
  • If a story teller is doing their job, there will be a million outcomes as others interpret the insights. This is desirable rather than a singular outcome
  • Living like tomorrow matters  MUST look different for every single one of us -that's where the magic sits
  • Living life with an intentional unknowingness
  • As a film maker he doesn’t want to know what the outcomes will be, he wants a surprise and that raw, honest reality of one day at a time. 
  • His hopefulness comes from where he lives


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