Alice in Frames - Squeezing the bejesus out of life!

October 11, 2021 Jade Miles & Catie Payne Season 4 Episode 1
Alice in Frames - Squeezing the bejesus out of life!
Show Notes

You might remember this pocket rocket from Masterchef,  perhaps you've heard her on the wireless, has she entertained you at a conference or was she the genius who convinced your kids to love their veggies via 'phenom-e-nom '.

Alice-in-frames loves life and doesn’t take herself too seriously but definitely has multi dimensional attributes.  A poly-math who's mischevious pixie like-grin and twinkling eyes defy her hard working  focus on reaching her singular goal of 'getting us all to love food - fresh food - especially kids.
Her self proclaimed super power is seeing everyone else's gold and connecting people to create an outcome of alchemy. If her best selling book 'In praise of Veg is anything to go by, this dynamo is on a ticket to success - What a gift to those in the kitchen...and the farm...and the classroom...and the family dinner table!

Her current lockdown project - writing a new book and launching tumami
Eating more plants as a self care mechanism
Recalibrate your resolution in Spring
Teaching skills is in her wheelhouse - reconnecting kids to their food
Harnessing pester power for good and allowing kids an agency to share
Talking about food from a place of curiosity and open hearted kindness
Seeing kids more like a garden than like a piece of wood - soft, evolving, in the moment
Pandemic acceleration of people valuing food
Creating food markets that are direct to consumer
Going without other things to ensure food is her priority
Food empowers people to connect in a sensual way 
Tumami is the everything spread - what actually is it though?  40 days of two ingredients
Being a poly math because its fun and it adds value to her community
Why she wears a lot of hats and a lot of frames
Being a chameleon in the way she presents
Four eyes and proud! Her self proclaimed myopic ambassador role
Powered by people - plugged into a battery and flying high
Her legacy vision - changing the way we speak about food to kids, getting them to love veg
Why she can’t meditate but can lose hours potting broad beans
Futureproofing the relationship that the next generation has with food 
Coming at projects from a place of hopefulness and seeking allies 
Food is the hook to engage kids early and teach them everything from there
'Phenomenom' - a free resource for everyone to engage kids in knowing their 
Enough is a feeling, its a spark, connection, growth, fulfilment, my family.
She wants to finish every single day and feel like she's squeezed the bejesus out of it. 
Super power: seeing the super powers of others and connecting people. Contagious enthusiasm, she's been gifted a voice that people listen to and find comforting


In Praise of Veg - Alice Zaslavski
The Gardener and the Carpenter
Tumami paste - the everything spread
Phenomenom - free website resource to teach kids about food
Alice in frames - website 

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