THROWBACK EP 4 of 4 - Charlie Showers

October 07, 2021 Jade Miles & Catie Payne Season 3 Episode 29
THROWBACK EP 4 of 4 - Charlie Showers
Show Notes

Next season will kick off next Monday but in the meantime, we are satisfying your insatiable hunger with throwbacks to our fave episodes from season 1. Enjoy these wonderous humans and all their brilliance.

Before you ask, yes this is Charlie Showers of Black Barn Farm - Jade's other half.

Charlie is a fair food advocate, holistic orchardist, landscape scientist and insatiable reader, with an appetite for knowledge that sees him getting up before the birds to devour scientific papers, books and teachings, before putting it into practice at Black Barn Farm.

In this conversation, he shares decades of wisdom with his trademark patience, clarity and intellect. He covers the power of community and regional pride, a new way to frame our 'hypocrisy' in this time of transition, the reality of first generation farming and a sugar-free account of a 'working marriage' and unified vision. You'll get to hear Jade's answers too ;)

No hopium, all clarity in this complex interview that inspires action!


  • Sitting with the contradiction inherent in your morals and lifestyle
  • Reconciling hypocrisy in your everyday existence
  • Being self aware without it becoming unbearable 
  • His childhood role-modelling of ‘family statesmen’ who committed to the needs of their community equally with their own
  • Maintaining curiosity about our system, culture and economy to impart change
  • Why farming is the best place for him to share knowledge at a community level and make meaningful change 
  • Why showing rather than telling is the most powerful way to inspire
  • Being exposed to those who have a different way of being, whirrs the thinking cogs
  • The importance of self time to recuperate and maintain balance when you’re an introvert
  • Why endless hope is not always helpful, and hopium is a recipe for ignorance
  • What a new future might look like
  • The raw reality of starting up a long-game farming enterprise
  • The potency of creating a dream together
  • Undertaking change journeys as a couple
  • Ideas to ‘blow your mind’
  • Living examples of how systems interact with and impact on each other
  • Awe of the Indigenous Australian cultural understanding of the complex web of the world
  • Making ‘complexity science’ more mainstream for the betterment of all
  • His evolution of changemaking from panicked urgency to slow and steady solutions
  • Why being more settled will make his children better change makers
  • The evolution and personal nature of success
  • Importance of a ‘solutions based mindset’


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