THROWBACK EP 3 of 4 - The Perma Pixie

October 04, 2021 Jade Miles & Catie Payne Season 3 Episode 28
THROWBACK EP 3 of 4 - The Perma Pixie
Show Notes

Next season goes live Monday 11th October. Until then  we've selected four of our faves to share with you again - they are just SOOOOO good, they're worth hearing again so enjoy having these wonderous humans back in your ears!

If you've never met a Perma Pixie, prepare to be delighted. 

Taj, aka. The Perma Pixie, is bringing a little old school witchcraft and spades of permaculture wisdom to Melbourne - and now, to you.

This chick beats to a drum of ‘reciprocity’, a philosophy that acknowledges that we’re part of a cycle that should give as much as it takes. 

She’s been delivering permaculture education courses for over a decade (not bad for a young sprout!) and has recently started clinical work as a qualified herbalist. Social patterns and interactions are her greatest love, equal to her fascination with plants and their healing capacity. 

This conversation is a must for anyone interested in natural medicine, staying grounded in the fray, the freedoms - and struggles - of running a small business, how to balance impassioned action with self care, and how to be regenerative within a culture programmed to run us dry.

Her deeply felt connection to the seasons, and life steeped in reciprocity and relationship, will either resonate deeply or sow seeds in the garden of your mind. 



  • How her early ADHD diagnosis encouraged her to seek calm in the natural world.
  • Taking a circular approach to living in reciprocity with nature.
  • The power of seasonal acknowledgement; combining the ‘doing’ with the ‘sensing’.
  • Having the courage to trust your instincts to follow the path of the heart.
  • Finding balance in the juxtaposition of being an anti-capitalist while running a small business.
  • Reframing financial stability.
  • How being an extrovert has enabled her to build a network of nourishers.
  • Ways to create nurturing community hubs and nodes, which in turn create valid community connection.
  • Why it's worth summoning the gumption to talk to total strangers and be open to spontaneous interactions.
  • The fundamental need to have a relationship with our own bodies to take ownership and responsibility of our most important asset - and avoid being a ‘baseline’ human.
  • Actively avoiding a sedentary body and mind. 
  • Her permaculture and herbal medicine journey - and how it led her to the plants which nourish her.
  • Why a world filled with sharing is better than a life lived alone. 
  • How she calms the voice urging her to "do more".
  • Finding balance as a one-woman show when her greatest desire is to be outside - not behind a screen.
  • Why to do a "needs analysis": What are your needs and what can you offer?
  • Why relationships are what fundamentally give her hope.


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