THOWBACK EP - 2 of 4 Dan Palmer

September 30, 2021 Jade Miles & Catie Payne Season 3 Episode 27
THOWBACK EP - 2 of 4 Dan Palmer
Show Notes

Next season kicks off on Monday 11th October - until then, enjoy having these humans of wonder back in your ears!

ARCHIVE 2 of 4
Dan Palmer is co-founder of Permablitz, Landed, Holistic Decision Making, Making Permaculture Stronger and Very Edible Gardens. He has a PhD in systems thinking and contagious levels of enthusiasm for supporting the journeys of others. He recently moved with his wife and two daughters back to New Zealand.

We hear Dan’s thoughts on consciously shaping a vibrant and beautiful life, getting paid for your passion, how to be vulnerable and cut to the chase (rather than participating in superficial BS), the deception of ideas, the illusion of separation from the natural world and why to ask better questions.


  • Away from reductionist thinking and towards a holistic framework. 
  • Discovering holistic management and the influence of Allan Savory.
  • How to uncover the deeper intention beneath the goal or dream.
  • What are the core ingredients of a fulfilling life?
  • How linear thinking sustains our industrialised society.
  • Why you can’t just ‘join your life back up’ to create a whole - you need to go right back to the DNA of your values and beliefs.
  • How to tap into deep harmony and coherence.
  • Why life can’t be like a knitted jumper. 
  • “Deciding your way” towards the life you want.
  • Why self work isn’t selfish - it’s a precursor to genuine altruism.
  • Honouring the need for financial security in a world that hinges on money.
  • An uncompromising approach to making profit from your passion.
  • Having hard conversations vs. modern ‘communities’ that stroke our egos.
  • Why Dan’s excited to be alive at this time in history. 
  • Sending positive ripples into space and time. 
  • The gnarly question of how to instil hope, buoyancy and knowledge in your kids. 
  • Approaching each day as a living whole. 
  • Our obligation to contribute to the beauty of the universe. 
  • How we’ve been hijacked by the idea that the world is a machine. 
  • How to lead with feeling and back up with thinking.
  • “The intellect is too crude a net to catch the whole” - Christopher Alexander
  • Why we don’t need to “reconnect” with nature - we have never been separate. 
  • How to relax back into underlying non-separateness.
  • Understanding “life sheds” rather than arbitrary borders.
  • Why advice and “answers” can disempower people.
  • How can we ask better questions?  


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