THROWBACK EP 1 of 4 between seasons - Brenna Quinlan

September 27, 2021 Jade Miles & Catie Payne Season 3 Episode 26
THROWBACK EP 1 of 4 between seasons - Brenna Quinlan
Show Notes

So we don't leave you twiddling your braincells while we record the next season, we've done you the favour of going waaaaaaaay back into the archives of season one and dusting off four our our faves for you to stick in your ears for your weekly dose of inspiration.   
Next season kicks off on Monday 11th October - until then, enjoy these humans of wonder!

ARCHIVE 1 of 4
 If you’re looking for reasons to be hopeful, this conversation with Brenna Quinlan provides a lifetime’s worth. 

You probably know her as “that permaculture illustrator” - and boy, can she communicate complex environmental and social ideas with a few deft flicks of her paintbrush!

Although she now lives in WA with her permie partner in crime Charlie McGee,  at the time we chatted with Brenna she was  a tiny-hut-dwelling resident of Melliodora and she shares what life looks like day in day out when living with the co founder of permaculture.

Brenna is a breath of fresh air and optimism, with oodles to share about where humanity’s headed - and how we can make the transition altogether more joyful.

Listen in. Smile big. Draw a (hopeful) picture.


  • Brenna’s early love of art and “crashing” adult art classes.
  • Her story of riding across the Americans in her early 20s, learning about farming and community.
  • How she was “the right sized piece of the puzzle” when she fell into illustrating Retrosuburbia... and making creativity her career.
  • Why she didn't stress about "using her uni degrees" and instead let creativity and opportunities germinate where they may.
  • How and why to be part of a greater movement, rather than going it alone. 
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people.
  • Her simple daily rituals and joyful pleasures featuring: goats, uphill bike rides, library books.
  • Why cycles of day and night, the seasons and and end-of-day gratitude practice are essential parts of her existence.
  • Why ‘alternative living’ is an opportunity to connect more with others, rather than persisting with unfettered individualism (the death of community?).
  • How her life at Mellidora works: rent for work exchange, living alongside others, zero waste, a permie bubble. 
  • Why taking a leap of faith into a different life = nothing to lose. 
  • How she channels her environmental grief into positive forward motion.
  • How to find what makes you come alive - and go for it!


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