Hope is a Verb with Emily Ehlers

September 06, 2021 Season 3 Episode 22
Hope is a Verb with Emily Ehlers
Show Notes

Emily Ehlers describes herself as an illustrator, writer, environmentalist + very bad dancer.

We know her as the lass whose witty and poignant pieces combine art and activism in the greatest possible way. 

Today Em speaks with Jade about writing a book about hope as a self-proclaimed anxious person, humour as a tool for resilience, mental health truths, value stacking and all kinds of good stuff that’ll, with any luck, lift you in this time of uncertainty. 

Em has a new book out called Hope Is A Verb, so be sure to check it out if you like what you hear!


  • Writing a book about hope as an anxious person
  • Finding reassurance in the doing
  • Becoming a lighthouse that attracts like minded people
  • Being aware of confirmation bias; actively being open to those you disagree with
  • Using family to trial how you manage differing opinions
  • Seeking to understand and then be understood
  • Being more radical than the angle you present publicly for the sake of shifting the needle
  • Providing tools that allow people to ‘enter the arena’ 
  • Humour as a tool for resilience
  • Fuelling our psyche with hope
  • Hope isn't a stagnant thing, what it needs to be is ‘active hope’
  • Having self compassion and understanding that we're human
  • The things that make us most human are also the things which make us our most magnificent
  • Going off antidepressants in order to write a book about hope and feeling the feelings
  • Getting kids to know their values and to live within them
  • Giving kids more credit than we do
  • Value stacking
  • Being aware of your marinade
  • Inoculating yourself against regret 
  • Learning to unlearn takes balls, gumption and desire
  • Acknowledging that we are in the system that dominates us and we just need to do our best with what we have
  • Gently shifting narrative so that people want to join you not run from you
  • Rebuilding culture
  • Thinking of self like a veggie patch: seasonal, phased, nurtured from the ground up
  • Just start. Pick a thing. Stop over analysing and just do.


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