Sarah Glover - Going WILD, pushing boundaries + connecting with your primal self

July 26, 2021 Jade Miles & Catie Payne Season 3 Episode 16
Sarah Glover - Going WILD, pushing boundaries + connecting with your primal self
Show Notes

While the path has been somewhat short, this enigmatic & curious chic sees life through a different set of goggles making her excited about all the things she’s yet to learn. Trusting herself & letting faith hold her has made her the queen of the pivot, from culinary school to fireside cooking, cookbooks to online workshops, who knows what tomorrow looks like...for any of us. For now though she is living in Florida, working with the next generation of creatives & taking it one day at a time. 

She’ll boost your gumption & perhaps light a fire that sends YOU in a new direction too.

  • Spontaneously moving back to Florida mid pandemic
  • How fire catering became her thing
  • Her winding & unexpected education path
  • Why her collaboration with Louisa Brimble to create her cookbook series was  ‘Art in the making’
  • Being thankful for longer journeys 
  • Her artististic heritage & homeschooling childhood 
  • Creative Sarah meandered via small business ventures & fell on her bum a few times
  • Finding the balance between passion & monetised practicality
  • Putting a price on your work as a creative who still needs to feed yourself
  • The fear of failure in business, overcome by being humble & owning her foibles
  • Taking wise counsel from our elders - finding mentors
  • Growing up in the church resulted in an openness to receiving advice
  • Pay for the help you need o cover  the skills you don’t have or don’t enjoy
  • Guilding her clan - family first
  • Separating business from personal
  • Actively seeking mentorship as a key life pillar - creating a safe, trusted environment to grow.
  • Rituals to reset & recalibrate; surfing, running, movement + reading, journaling, spiritual recheck
  • Managing a balanced head + heart life
  • The silver linings of making mistakes
  • Losing  ‘sarah’ in the busy-ness
  • Following her intuition to make the big decisions - taking a leap of faith
  • Removing “stinking thinking” from your world
  • Embracing WILD
  • Talking to the next generation to inspire, upskill and connect
  • The power of curiosity and endlessly asking questions
  • Seeing with a new set of goggles and getting creative 
  • Seeking the pivot as an opportunity to quench thirst & seek more knowledge
  • Trusting & taking the first step in the direction of your dreams  - just start!


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