Stacey June ~ Author, podcaster & millennial truth seeker

June 28, 2021 Jade Miles & Catie Payne Season 3 Episode 12
Stacey June ~ Author, podcaster & millennial truth seeker
Show Notes

From confident whizz kid to suffering imposter syndrome - heck haven’t we all - this accomplished millennial spokeswoman and now author shares her tales of covid motherhood, the power of stories to ground us and working through the bravado to pop out at her truth.

We like to call her Pacey Stacey-June, she thinks, speaks and acts at a cracking rate but despite this, has a gentle, soulful sense of wisdom and refreshing honesty.


  • Her 2020 reality: Editing a book, having a baby and living life in lockdown
  • Beating one beat ahead of her surroundings
  • Lockdown lessons - thriving in ISO
  • Reasons to ‘get real’ fast
  • The difference between the medium of audio and the medium of written words
  • What gave her Imposter syndrome and how storytelling reassured her
  • The truth of writing and rewriting a manuscript BEFORE you send it to the editor
  • Working through the bravado and digging to the truth of not knowing everything
  • The confronting challenge of embracing shortcomings
  • The broken nature of our education system which creates self doubt and builds walls
  • Owning  “Author-dom”
  • Learning to have a better conversation with your intuition and trusting your instinct
  • Why she things there’s really only a handful of feelings
  • Transitioning from passionate, ambitious and self focused pre motherhood to being humbled by a new born which has taught me the most epic lessons of my life.
  • Redefining her values following motherhood
  • Her curiosity for other womens stories and why she honors them to rebut the patriarchy
  • Having to hunt out stories of people who represented her 
  • The bullshit theory that all women in the sisterhood should get along but acknowledging that a feminine energy connects us and gives us strength 
  • “Women have more in common than not and if we could just get past the bullshit then we could definitely  build a sisterhood that holds us”
  • The difference between community and having a lot of people in our life
  • Getting past shallow connections, demanding we give more of ourselves in return for a robust community to be wrapped around us
  • How motherhood helps you to build a community
  • Building self through repetitive practices 
  • Finding quiet so her inner voice will speak to her rather than her speaking to it.
  • Giving her intuition a name “my divine”
  • Honouring anxiety by giving it enough quiet time
  • The value of creating flexible plans rather than rules so you don’t feel like you’ve broken an agreement
  • The difference between her public and her private profile
  • The value of protecting her intimate self by taking a deep breath before oversharing in a public realm.


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