Berry Liberman ~ Change maker, language lover, fierce owner of self

June 21, 2021 Jade Miles & Catie Payne Season 3 Episode 11
Berry Liberman ~ Change maker, language lover, fierce owner of self
Show Notes

As publisher of Dumbo Feather & Co-owner of Small Giants, Berry is one heck of a leader who doesn’t shy away from wearing her heart, beliefs and the paradox of life on her sleeve. In her own words she is ‘living with meaning in this one wild & precious life’ & as a master of language this interview will challenge you, pave the road for asking questions & fill you with fierce hope.


  • Being a good ancestor by leaving a legacy
  • Adulting = knowing your decisions leave an impact
  • Being shocked into asking essential questions
  • Sitting in the uncomfortable truth to work things out owning your identity & bringing weight to your beliefs
  • Activism & violence is correlative - group think thrives in this environment
  • The grandchild of holocaust survivors, the daughter of a refugee entrepreneur - her intergenerational trauma gives her strength to take an opinion
  • Her interest in the moderate centre for a radical shift
  • Navigating her kids through the complexity of being culturally different
  • Being proximate to the issues we need to put our efforts into 
  • Why we need to have opinions despite living in a world of cancel culture
  • Rehumanise, relocalise & embrace hard conversations respectfully
  • The value of finding wisdom without action
  • Bringing the three dimensional view of hands, head and hard to the table with kindness & generosity.
  • Creating online communities which are nourishing & useful not toxic and depleting
  • Pulsing so you can continue to show up
  • Building touchstones of people who are conscious, emotionally intelligent, empathetic
  • Minimising the obsession with the ego. Why the hero’s journey is a false narrative
  • Shit gets interesting when we are awake to the beauty of this incredible planet
  • The subtle shift of changing your thoughts from things happening ‘to’ me to things happening ‘for’ me
  • We can all own a regenerative, restorative future but we need to do this together
  • The fraught promise of collaboration
  • Ownership means nothing but everything
  • Become an elder by taking ownership of actions
  • Why context matters
  • Using AND instead of BUT so you don’t negate everything you’ve already said so you can hold multiplicity & not be reductionist
  • Living meaningfully in this one wild & precious life.
  • Being inspired by language - the most incredible technology we’ve invented


“If you keep things in, you project things out, the shadows can haunt you”
“It’s easier to have a broad tent of acceptance when those you are engaging are proximate”
“If I haven’t metabolised my story, I can't be of use to the future”
“Australians weren’t born into hatred of the “other”


Dumbo Feather - publication
Small Giants - Academy
An inconvenient truth - film
Nature and the human soul - Bill Plotkin
Donut Economics - Kate Raworth
Regen Melbourne - Small Giants

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