Pip Lincolne on writing books, defining ‘enough’ and what even is too much sriracha?

April 19, 2021 Season 3 Episode 2
Pip Lincolne on writing books, defining ‘enough’ and what even is too much sriracha?
Show Notes

Having just moved back to her childhood home in Tasmania, Pip Lincolne is celebrating the launch of her latest book “Days Like These” while giving herself time and space to etch her place in a new community. And of course, create for the love of it.

This conversation speaks to the value of taking a temperature check on your feelings, asking consent before giving advice, having ‘enough’ rather than excess, and why success lies in the simplest of things -- not least of which is an insatiable love of books.


  • Writing books that are heart on sleeve 
  • The creative journey of meet me at mikes 
  • Life with clinical depression and chronic anxiety and turning it into something worthwhile for others 
  • If mums are not ok then no-one else is ok
  • The collaborative journey of writing a book 
  • Building friendship and community groups through creativity
  • Taking the gloss off and replacing it with grit in the way we tell our stories
  • Being true and sincere for the sake of empowering others 
  • Making the move to Tassie following a covid job loss 
  • “When you return to the place you grew up in, it's like you’ve left pieces of your DNA there and your body knows that this is where you belong."
  • Taking the time to narrow ideas rather than taking on too much
  • The joy of being a cog in the wheel and falling in behind others
  • The creative doing is what matters most, not the end result. 
  • Taking time to unwind our minds with daydreams, procrastination
  • Valuing the ‘middle-of-the-night’ interruptions
  • Hot tip for mums to change the lens of insomnia to avoid the anxiety spiral
  • Advice for giving advice - seek permission and offer to listen first
  • Acknowledging that a person in crisis doesn’t want to be processed and managed rather “heard” and trusted
  • Success is about having close bonds with your kids, a few close friends, supportive family, a cosy home and enough money to get by. 
  • Keeping her desires for MORE focussed on the non material things.
  • A day in the life of a writer
  • If you’re ever stuck, “take it to the back fence, the answers are there”


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