Meet the Queen of Decomposition who's on a mission to make #compost trend on Instagram

April 12, 2021 Season 3 Episode 1
Meet the Queen of Decomposition who's on a mission to make #compost trend on Instagram
Show Notes

Kate (aka. Compostable Kate) has a thing for decomposition.

This inner city mother of three is the self-appointed Compost Queen who single-handedly collects scraps from her neighbours and local cafes to reduce food waste and produce garden gold. 

As well as being an activist on the ground, she’s also a compost influencer in the ether. Kate is gaining thousands of followers on Instagram who love her catchy content and colourful tutorials on making grade-A hot compost. What's more, her stats are translating into action.

In this convo, Kate  shares the story of her potted street garden on the pavement in inner city Sydney, the cooling power of greenery in urban spaces, how she's using social media for good, and strategies for Insta-stalking local MPs to agitate for change.

Upbeat, down-to-earth, anything-is-possible stuff from her Right Royal Highness of Compost.


  • Why composting is her number one focus!
  • Being a share waste user
  • Composting in a tiny inner city terrace
  • Being a crazy urban bowerbird 
  • Creating a composting ‘mothership' to service her ‘compost hungry’ needs 
  • Compost wars with her mum
  • Creating a potted street garden for her community
  • Inviting  neighbours to join her on this quest
  • Swapping and sharing 
  • Permaculture wars in the suburbs
  • Extending friendships beyond a sprig of mint
  • Hoarding behaviour during covid
  • Why it’s important to have fun when encouraging change 
  • The potency but potential poison of social media
  • Making compost a happy and exciting message via memes, music and comedy
  • Channeling eco-activism between kids' naps
  • Encouraging second hand presents  
  • Protecting the childhood years of wonder
  • Rising children who are empowered by their ability to action
  • Finding your ONE thing! 
  • Food waste as a catalyst for climate impact
  • Focussing on local letter writing and agitation to bring about change
  • Making the most of opportunities on our verges
  • Change can really happen in the tiny strips of soil between roads and footpaths
  • The power of green in a city is amplified against the black bitumen
  • Using movable pots in a rental to change the use of the streetscape
  • Urban sprawl by way of potted plants rather than houses
  • Use of signage and lights to activate your street pot garden 
  • Being at peace if anything is stolen 
  • Getting resource savvy with the things you can find rather than always buying new


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