This homesteading life with Sarah Stutzman

March 29, 2021 Jade Miles & Catie Payne Season 2 Episode 20
This homesteading life with Sarah Stutzman
Show Notes

Come with us to a homesteading, homeschooling farmhouse in Pennsylvania where the days start early and the blessings are abundant.

Grab a yellow chair on the porch (to the tune of morning crickets) and meet Sarah Stutzman, the down-to-earth powerhouse behind Wellfolk Revival, a place to meet belly to belly and up-skill yourself, your kids and your community.

This is one of those rocking chair chats that offers a glimpse into someone else's world; their daily habits and ways of thinking. Their challenges and triumphs. Their personal paradigm. 

And even if you don't aspire to be a modern day homesteader, this convo could very well revive whatever latent life dreams you've got hiding in there. Time to action them?


  • Raising kids in a “new normal”
  • The value of community sufficiency 
  • What is homesteading?
  • Her childhood on a Christmas tree farm surrounded by exotic animals before moving to life in a subdivision
  • Accidentally homesteading via a desire to know where her food came from 
  • Using skills to teach people how to start a garden, grow their food and take baby steps
  • Building community
  • Resources needed for up-skilling
  • Craving community 
  • Bringing people around the table to learn
  • Pivoting business around Covid
  • Eating organ meats and head cheese
  • Embracing the chaos and imperfection
  • Blowing the romance perception and keeping it real
  • Be the ripple effect by inviting people to your real house (messy and all) at any time  and encouraging them to share their new skills with others
  • Getting the kids involved so the foundations to hold them during the rebellion phase are strong
  • Letting kids feel their own way and encouraging them to learn through mistakes
  • Getting past our own failures, focus on our successes
  • Integrating with the local Amish, traditional farmers and new wave of micro farms
  • Connecting!
  • Reconciling the process of taking life to sustain our own nutritional needs
  • Counting the things on your plate that you have a connection to 
  • Avoiding the throw away mentality
  • Using the ENTIRE animal to honour the WHOLE and not just the best parts
  • Looking for the blessings in between the constant hard work
  • Nourishing our bodies with good food and our minds with beautiful things
  • Stopping and embracing the simple moments as a measure of success
  • Seeing success through the eyes of a child
  • The power of pulling out other people's gifts and talents
  • Avoiding the overwhelm of the emergency by doing the small things every day  
  • Haste makes waste so just make pace


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