Catie Payne - Bookending (for now) 125 episodes of Futuresteading w her trademark wit, charm & oddball intellect

May 08, 2023 Jade Miles Season 8 Episode 11
Catie Payne - Bookending (for now) 125 episodes of Futuresteading w her trademark wit, charm & oddball intellect
Show Notes

Remember this beautiful human? She spent some time in your ears way back in series  one & two before heading off for a life of adventure & learning in the intellectual home of permaculture.  Catie Payne is a courageous one-of-a-kind character full of love and laughter who challenges 'normal' and beats to her own drum.
Join us for this joyful, 'been-too-long-catchup between Jade & Catie & delve into the last two years of Catie's artistic, rewilding, permaculture filled days.

Show notes

Catie now lives at Melliodora permaculture working in exchange for food and accommodation - what is this really like?

Completed a re-wilding leadership course with Claire Dunne taught her so much about herself  and our culture. 
Why storytelling has been an important learning for her and what she now plans to do with this.

Hiking on a sacred songline in Nitmiluk National Park near Katherine NT, led by the Jaywoyn traditional owners.

Connecting to nature through sit-spots and wandering in the bush.

To guide our kids she suggests “rights of passage” rewildling programs that give a reference point to a more grounded, wild and connected life.

Current reads for Jade and Catie

Reactivating her love of medicinal weeds through a monthly community herb circle 

Building a vision for women to reclaim the role of natural healers in their communities.

As the Futuresteading podcast takes an extended break. Catie and Jade relish the many characters and conversations they have shared through the pod.
 Learning that just asking a question unfolds a whole conversation and opportunity to see things from a different perspective.

Thank you to everyone who has popped Futuresteading in your ears, all of the comments, the tears, the shared knowledge and camaraderie. 


“Plants - Past Present and Future” by Zena Cumpston, Michael Fletcher, Lesley Head

: https://store.holmgren.com.au/product/plants-past-present-and-future/

“Wilder, a journey back to life” by Meg Berryman: https://www.megberryman.com/

“Rewildling the Urban Soul” by Claire Dunne: https://www.naturesapprentice.com.au/

Ntimiluk Adventures: https://www.nitmiluktours.com.au/

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