Ella Noah Bancroft - Breaking the links of dispossession, living an ancestrally connected life & finding your feminine power

May 01, 2023 Jade Miles
Ella Noah Bancroft - Breaking the links of dispossession, living an ancestrally connected life & finding your feminine power
Show Notes

"We’ve never been sicker as a species, we've never experienced such high levels of extinction and its time to look past the ‘machine that’s working’ and actively choose not to contribute to it. Instead, its time to share ancestral knowledge, naturopathy, movement & earth based skills with each other & the next generation and nod to our ancestors by learning the ways, diets and nutritional needs of our bodies.  Let us experience deep sorrow ahead of rejecting the mainstream colonised and capitalistic system and lets walk away from being a machine centred society so that it supports humans first"

Show notes
Life in a commune which is 60% indigenous and 60% queer 
Sharing her ancestorial voice given to her by her mother and her family lineage
Building on generations prior to build fierceness yet peace in her 
Birthing an event called ‘the gathering’ to fulfil her own need to create a space that was not dominated by whiteness or privilege
The biggest and greatest job we have on this planet is to raise well and connected children
Focussing her efforts on marginalised communities 
We cannot be strong female leaders unless we are bringing everyone along with us
Stepping  into a woman centred world
Why the current system is failing all of us to live long, strong, healthy existences
Living in deep loving connection with each other & the natural world 
People have never seen intuitive spirituality as fact but its a feminine and necessary path
Feminine cycle of 28 days, men cycling on 28 hour cycles
Creating a feminine vision quest
Women are the wisdom keepers, communicators, 
Shifting away from operating up and out from our body and actively coming back into our bodies which creates a down regulation of our nervous system
Coming into ONE conscious moment each week
Growing up with fragmented culture because of colonisation
Rewriting new paradigms with indigenous culture at the heart 
Actively desiring a small but mighty charitable organisation - without desire for becoming national or global
The power of localisation
Coming to “rest” on country
Rest in the knowing that she is walking on the same country that her blood has walked on in her ancestral linage
Encouragement to take a pilgrimage to the “homeland” of your ancestors
Once upon a time there was a well and connected ancestor living and thriving 
Finding our own indiginaity
Lore created by country and culture
We are but a minuscule piece of a puzzle made up by the thousands of ancestors who came before us
Allowing feminine power breathe by openly accepting pain and working through trauma
Rather than changing the way we work, live, and be in the world we are now relying on abstractions to be the catchall
Let us return to a religion where water is our god again


It takes courage to tell the truth - Book
The returning - Annual event
Reclaim your kin and decolonise your mind - Course

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