Jane Hilliard - "Enoughness"

April 24, 2023 Jade Miles Season 8 Episode 9
Jane Hilliard - "Enoughness"
Show Notes

When did having twin basins and three toilets become the norm?  As an architect who bucks the idea of bigger-is-better Jane Hilliard uses the principle of “Enoughness” as a design principle for the built environment. Its better for both the natural environment and the people around us. It allows us to be rich in ways that matter instead of buying into the idea that grandeur will make us happy.
For her 'enough' looks like going out into her  backyard supermarket garden  picking something and cooking it. Its also having outdoor space & quiet, unstructured time to think. Guided by the principle of “enoughness,” she manages her work load to keep her energy output within her own capacity while meeting her modest need for resources to sustain her family and business. 

Show notes

Bringing her love of arts and social justice together
Sidestepping  stress and money in the architecture design world.
Ensuring sustainability isn't just an add-on rather than core to design
Why the endless pursuit of “more” and better is relentless and pointless
Asking  “what is enough?” starts with your values and how you want to feel. 

“I ask myself: What is enough work to sustain me, my creativity, my staff and the financial resources we need to sustain my practice.”

What "enough" looks like for her high-school age children.

“I enjoy causing a bit of a stir…not in a way that’s shaming anyone…but by pushing back on the system, not individuals.”
Working a 9 day fortnight
Small rituals like, morning coffee, starting the day outside, growing food, being present with her children. 
Normalising messy, lived in homes which change with the seasons and as its occupants get older.
Why central heating has loosened family ties 
Living in a smaller space with less resources helps us develop negotiation skills and foster connections.
 Simplify  life by starting with one thing. 
 How much are you packing into your week, or your year? 

“The more work I take on, the less time and energy I have for all the other projects we have already, and I’ll enjoy them a little less too.”

"We have everything we need to go forward into the future. It's not about gaining new knowledge or new skills or new technology or new tools. It's about stripping things back and getting rid of a lot of stuff."
We need to be grateful for how much the earth gives us and not to take too much.
Our culture is dominated by growth and seeking opportunity. The desire for more can be part of our status and identity.
People are trying to meet their needs with things instead of meaning.
A mentality that “I’ve worked hard and I deserve it” is a strong focus for Jane's clients.
Just because  "you've worked hard and deserve it"  doesn’t mean you should aim for the biggest and shiniest.
"We stay in tents and shacks when we go away, why can’t we bring this spirit into our own house? How about an outdoor kitchen…why not?"


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