Tammy White - Life at Wing & a Prayer Farm as a one woman farmer who creates community wherever she goes

April 17, 2023 Jade Miles Season 8 Episode 8
Tammy White - Life at Wing & a Prayer Farm as a one woman farmer who creates community wherever she goes
Show Notes

"Apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze" and what's the point in that. Life as a shepherd in Vermont USA can be lonely but farm time provides opportunity for reflection & cup filling so there's more energy to give to community. "Although I don’t say no to help - I don’t let no help stop me" is the can-do attitude Tammy exudes not only for her sheep breeding but also her natural yarn dying & her intentional life which is deeply committed to her place in Southern Vermont where she likes to beat to her own drum at a scale that works for her. Listen in as she speaks of a life that's lived with purpose, unrushed, in collaboration  and in deep trust that the natural world will teach the skills needed at the right time. 

Big thoughts to save the world began as a child
Seeking more colour beyond numbers
Learning to smell, feel and hear the seasons on her walk to school
Her winding path to becoming a single woman farmer
Learning to natural dye
Not feeling able to beat the drum until she walks the talk herself
She never thinks that her farming scale minimises her importance
Her accidental ownership of black nose valais sheep
Letting time and nature do much of the work passively  
I’m not in a rush - I’m being responsible so if that’s slower then so be it. Its also a teaching opportunity
The teaching message is so much greater than just the product.
Being in a deficit of living with intention
Discovering the limitless appetite for homesteading skills
She might be an intense teacher
Apple Pies served with cheese…it’s a thing
Sour Pickle, maple syrup and doughnuts - Vermont traditions
Shepherding can be lonely but it provides time to reset and regroup and fill her tank
Her desire to see others as happy as she is
Lift up rather than commiserate
Planning to run the bingo games when she's in a nursing home
You learn so much when you're in community
Becoming accustomed to letting it be not picture perfect
You cannot go inwards when bad things happen on the farm or  you will always be inwards 
Never turn your back on your ideals and trust your heart - really listen to what matters for you
Sincerely imagining what you are committed to and go with that


Wing and a Prayer Farm

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