Hayley Morris - leading the charge in moving the investment world away from extraction and into their hearts

April 03, 2023 Jade Miles Season 8 Episode 6
Hayley Morris - leading the charge in moving the investment world away from extraction and into their hearts
Show Notes

We need an economic system based on values and trust to see genuine change in this critical decade. This intuition led powerhouse is collaboratively leading the thinking for philanthropy  & impact investment to shift away from reductionist outcomes to  a 'relationship first' approach where she believes the place to begin is with inner work to determine  'who you are', 'what makes you brave' and 'where your voice strongest'

We’ve got the solutions but the human capacity to make this change is what needs to begin first. 

Why its harder to give money away with meaning than you might think
Wanting to be more than  not just a cheque book
Asking where humans fit into ecosystems
Her awakening to disconnection
Finding people who were also asking questions
Moving into sustainable ag and food security
Connecting the environmental crisis & what we eat
Her appetite to move beyond greenwashing  to transformation
The value of slowing down
Wanting people to think of her as a broke NGO leader not a rich philanthropist
Getting her ego out of the way
Embracing the world she was trying to push away
What is philanthropy - the skill of giving money away
Moving assets away from the extractive economic system
How investment can change systems
Understanding systems & the levers that need to be pulled to expedite change
The importance of mass decentralisation & taking a place based approach to bring change
Starting a relationship with open, honest transparency & an opportunity to co-create solutions 
Relationship requires a number
Moving at the speed of trust
Looking for replication not endless growth
Using compassionate debt as a solution to building relationships that can enable change
Creating opportunity for replication over scale
Building models that allow relationships to be at the core 
Rich relationships are paramount
Understanding connection to country - bringing gentleness from the land into her everyday
Daily spiritual practice to set the days intentions 
Whatever you resist persists
Daily practice of staying mindful and present - maintenance
The danger of defining yourself as “resilient” which doesn’t allow you to be fragile
Developing a hardiness by sitting in your discomfort
Keeping the ego in check
Gleaning joy from rich conversations
Cocreating a new language that releases our stuckness in the current paradigm
Discovering how we all contribute in a way that meets our super power
If its too easy then it must be in the current paradigm and we need to ask,  is there another way to do this?
Stepping around colonialism by being present & really listening
Being uncomfortable with the new to serve a changed world in the future
Self sustainability is the piece that often gets left behind
How can philanthropists play their part
Finding strength & bravery when you have your people by your side

Impact sustainability - her business
Sustainable Table
Sentient Impact group

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