Just Collapse - the illusion of techno-solutions “We can’t swallow horses to solve this problem”

March 20, 2023 Jade Miles Season 8 Episode 4
Just Collapse - the illusion of techno-solutions “We can’t swallow horses to solve this problem”
Show Notes

This conversation is difficult to process but important to hear.  It asks: "How does Socioecological justice prevail  in the face of an irreversible collapse"?

Its time to accept that infinite growth on a finite planet will be short lived and that those who have agency & privilege have much to do - in big or small ways 
 It’s hard to really accept collapse when we have a comfortable lifestyle but let's consider preparing while we still have abundance in our system. 

Show notes

A new form of activism - possibilities to make the world a better place
Why climate activism is the most important issue of focus
The shift in activism following covid
Introducing disruption to activism 
Socioecological justice
Justice can only be relative 
Creating a collapse community to help relieve anxieties of reality & locate ourselves
Putting differences aside to open the door to building localised communities
Acknowledging how difficult it can be to create community in the individualised society of the affluent west.
As we ratchet back, our community will be where we physically are.
Having faith that we can rely on each other 
Consciously connecting is inevitably in train and we will be pushed together
Relearning to connect, compromise and communicate
Its unhelpful to create utopian or romanticised ideals 
Insurgent planning - actively creating a plan of readiness to this inevitable collapse
Being led by the greater group with place based solutions
Why there is no prescription to future solutions - we need to figure that out for ourselves based on our understanding of the soil, water, culture we are working within
Breaking down individualisation & risks: outrageous debts & our reliance on fossil fuels
#talkcollapse - linking people to plant the seeds of a different and just future
Planting seeds physically and metaphorically for a socioecological collapse
Talking collapse is not about converting those who don't want to hear it 
The emotional reality of procesing climate grief - face it, expereince it and let is sit behind you with echoes
Depression goes with the territory but its not a reason to avoid reality
Ecological awareness as the foundation to  discovering more
Understanding the fragility of the world while also being a ‘doer’
What a cyclical grief process looks like and feels like
Cognitive dissonance of having endless choice and capacity to purchase while simultaneously being aware that collapse is inevitable
The myth of progress being perpetuated by every message around us
The need to decomplexify 
Building solidarity via social media
Being sure to remind yourself of how wondrous the world actually is
Supporting mental wellbeing with various tools
It’s so important in this point in history to embrace life in whatever form


Limits to growth - Club of Rome
Just Collapse

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