Mitch Tambo - A Gamilaraay Voice for Change. Summer Days Throwback 2023

February 20, 2023 Jade Miles
Mitch Tambo - A Gamilaraay Voice for Change. Summer Days Throwback 2023
Show Notes

 If you're yet to hear Mitch perform 'You're the voice", I beg you to head to the link at the bottom and listen.
 Carrying the message of unification, love and kindness. Culture is not foreign to Mitch who imbeds a celebration of it into every facet of life as tools to build identity and a strong sense of place. For him living and breathing culture is the start middle and end of it.
An articulate, straight talker he sheds light on why everyone deserves a chance to not only survive but to thrive.  His super-power-story-telling ability notches up a few ranks when on stage and over the last few years he has found a platform for passing on knowledge through song and dance. 

Nerves and awe aside, Jade manages to dig a little into the psyche of this incredible individual, who without question shows us why the first nations people of this country were not hunters and gatherers but the most purposeful people to have ever walked.

Show Notes

  • Ma-wollagoolabah - self, family, community
  • Falling in love with his identity and eagerly celebrating this in a respectful and authentic way
  • The value of being raised by a strong single mother
  • Publicly honoring women to the point of reverence
  • Being relentless in our desire to keep talking to convey a message of transparency
  • Circle people - we are connected to everything and everything is connected to us
  • Can song and dance as mediums take their place as a much needed storytelling tools
  • Emojis are an ancient format 
  • Humans disconnection from spirit, soul and heart
  • Being the most connected and the most disconnected simultaneously
  • Holidays = connection to the natural world. Do we love holidays or do we love the opportunity to unconsciously  connect to our evolutionary place
  • Building an understanding of the spirit in the land
  • Opening yourself up to ‘feel’ 
  • Honoring our ancestors, offering a rightful seat at the decision table and acknowledging the knowledge held by indigenous people
  • "We're not hunters and gatherers, we’re the most purposeful people to have ever walked
  • There are so many conversations to be had - we need to keep talking
  • His mob cared for the land to co-exist not to be captured or controlled 
  • Walking together and healing so we can get to where we need to get to
  • The first people of a land MUST be heard first 
  • If your hearts in the right place you can only do the best you can with what you've got to ‘level’ up’
  • Stradling the reality of living an urban life with intent and purpose while knowing how powerful a childhood on country can be
  • Self perception vs how others perceive you
  • Instilling identity, belonging and connection through ritual
  • Living and breathing culture as part of every day life
  • Avoiding the traps of fame by staying focussed on his purpose
  • Staying grounded by knowing that he is just a vessel with a message who is part of something so much bigger than him
  • Starting with self love - heal, educate
  • Conditioning that has bred fear of difference
  • Coming together with an intent to heal, love and listen. 
  • Having real conversations which are birthed out of truth

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Mitch Tambo - You're the Voice

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