Brooke McAlary - going slow and the farce of multitasking Summer Days Throwback 2023

January 23, 2023 Jade Miles Season 7 Episode 4
Brooke McAlary - going slow and the farce of multitasking Summer Days Throwback 2023
Show Notes

Brooke McAlary has built a life and brand around slow. She's the author of three books, the co-host of The Slow Home podcast and the voice of a movement that says, "Dear Joneses, I'm opting out of the rat race."

But hey, that doesn't mean she's exempt from overwhelm. This convo opens with Brooke and Jade swapping stories of exhaustion.  File that under honesty. 

So join us on the couch as we define our zone zero, get our inner turmoil sorted before facing the outer chaos, and discuss a potential inner care deficit.

We talk packaged up versions of “balance” “slow” and “simple” and why “tilting” may be more useful; leaning into the most pressing issue of the moment.

Why multi tasking is a farce but barefoot bushwalking creates a heady sense of lightness, wonder and awe that  just might hold the answers.

Say no to fast and yes to slow living with Brooke McAlary.


  • Why her books and pod are basically talking to herself to maintain a slower pace
  • Being diagnosed with severe postnatal depression 
  • Googling in search of solutions
  • Letting go of the relentless ‘keep up’ approach to life
  • Stabilising mental health and finding a deeper sense of contentment
  • Living life with no buffer
  • Operating at 70% capacity to ensure there’s room for unplanned
  • Defining and protecting  zone zero
  • Getting the inner turmoil sorted before facing the outer chaos
  • Avoiding an inner care deficit
  • The intrinsic link between inward care and capacity to give 
  • Why the words 'balance', 'simple' and 'slow' are all fraught
  • The endless wrestle of living counter culturally 
  • Learning to “tilt” rather than “balance”
  • The fraudulence of multi tasking
  • Experiencing a loss of connection, celebration and grieving as a result of covid
  • Facing into the need for ‘unlearning’ to build a brave new non-consumerist world
  • Building your tribe without preaching 
  •  Equating simple with ‘ease’ not ‘easy’
  •  Why simplicity lives in the process of finding ease
  • Noticing = gratitude
  • Family rituals that offer hope
  • Barefoot bushwalking on a bliss wave
  • A designated slow room 
  • Reconciling the footprint of travel by embracing her local area
  • Vision Quests 
  • Why small actions of care, purpose and values are creating powerful ripples 
  • Rebuilding rites of passage for our youth to test and expand resilience and tap into the wisdom from older generations
  • Writing a letter to your younger self
  • Jump starting our memory making function 


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