Damon Gameau - Are you part of the 'Re generation'. Summer days throwback 2023

January 16, 2023 Jade Miles
Damon Gameau - Are you part of the 'Re generation'. Summer days throwback 2023
Show Notes

Damon Gameau  - A call to arms for storytellers! 

 It's time to shine the spotlight on our story tellers; the creatives,  film makers, artists, poets, chefs, writers and musicians. "If our storytellers cannot find a way then the way cannot be found".  Join Jade & Damon in this conversation about defying the attention economy, ways to avoid being numbed but the inertia of the system (which is not actually our friend - despite it being dressed up that way) and why rites of passage could be the answer to rebuilding our culture .
Finally, we  ask the big question  - how do you define ENOUGH. 
If you've loved Damon's films 2040 & That Sugar Film you're in for one exceptionally powerful convo with this captivating  & clever creative.

Episode Summary

People are seeking leadership that doesn’t use language without humanisation
So much of the story we are told now is dictated by extraction, competition, rivalry,
The shift from humans with animus beliefs to industrialised beliefs
Defining our collective stories through the feedback from our creative & soul stirring storytellers
Defying the attention economy by stepping away from the barraging information torrent to allow for conscious decisions
Finding your place in action 
Choosing to understand rather than polarising
Slowing our judgement despite the push for pace - let a slowly defined opinion be yours Acknowledging we agree on a desire for community, healthy children, access to food….and we are not actually divided
Taking responsibility of our own individual actions and teach our children to listen & to understand
Why its NOT human nature to be greedy & selfish, because we've  evolved through a deeply cooperative, symbiotic spirit.
Rewrite our culture away from competitive nature & highlight our dependency on each other Finding your path of individualism within the collective 
Deradicalising the truth of what we need to do
Considering context when storytelling to shift the needle 
Building a less fragile system
Why it’s not a nationalist sentiment if you want sovereignty of independence
Shifting from being a consumer to being a citizen
Building wings that will allow us to fly high and thrive with our culture providing the wind
Manifesting creativity and ingenuity by working with our kids
Shaping, creating and changing culture through coexistence, lateral thinking and practical skills - starting with the education of our children
The dance between peril and possibility 
Turning emerging science into magical stories to captivate kids imaginations 
 Prison inmates in the States spend more time outdoors than our children
The ongoing process of unlearning as flawed humans 
Deciding what’s enough. Do you keep working beyond your enough to go slower or do you keep going to give to others.  
Rites of passage as a pathway to regeneration
Ayahuasca ceremonies, breath work
Taking a glimpse into the “other” to fill the gap left by a crises of meaning

“Surviving the future, culture, carnival and capital”  - David Flemming
Rites of Passage Institute
Recapture the Rapture - rethinking god, sex and death in a world that's lost its mind - Jamie Wheal
2040 Film - Directed by Damon
That Sugar Film - Directed by Damon

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