Artists As Family. How brave are you? - Summer days throwback 2023

January 02, 2023 Jade Miles Season 7 Episode 1
Artists As Family. How brave are you? - Summer days throwback 2023
Show Notes

This family of four live a largely non-monetary existence on a quarter-acre permaculture plot on Djaara peoples' country/Daylesford. They describe themselves as neopeasants, defined by the gardens & forests they tend, the resources they glean & grow, the community they're part of and the technologies they both use & refuse.

They practice permapoesis, which simply means permanent making or regenerative living -an antidote to disposable culture - & show us what's possible when creativity, reverence & reciprocity is placed at the heart of human existence.


  • A frugal background + time on a kibbutz
  • Early skills in propagation and a deep desire to grow things
  • An attraction to counter culture & eternal questioning of injustices
  • Finding peace by the Mittagong creek
  • Working as a couple to overcome grief over the dominant culture
  • Growing a new story out of the old story -- about community, not just one idea
  • The holistic awakening of permaculture
  • Moving from clock time to ecological time 
  • Daily connection to the natural world; chanting, observing, meditating
  • Creating an art practice that is not separate from everyday life
  • Avoiding monotonous and tedious work through neopeasantry
  • Why Covid has helped us register our collective exhaustion
  • Giving up cars and moving at an ecological pace
  • Being cash poor yet time rich in frugal abundance
  • Time offline allows a songful, interconnected, wildness that is about observation and interaction
  • The importance of rites of passage -- how do we bring them back?
  • Recognising the value of the child-to-adult process and parent/child separation
  • Grief circles -- “for crying out loud”.  Sharing, howling, laughing, storytelling and bearing witness to each other.
  • Giving back to the forest via humanure, menstrual blood, tears
  • How fire has held our stories since the beginning of time
  • Daily gratitude ritual of naming the inputs needed for each meal
  • Growing layers and building gifts to share with our community by accepting ourselves
  • Getting the dance right between consciousness and overwhelm
  • Why being aware of ideology is important
  • Why activism and politics need complexity
  • A brief history of patriarchal dominance, removing feminine power in the popular culture


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