Diette Hochuli - Falling in love with nearby nature

December 05, 2022 Jade Miles Season 6 Episode 15
Diette Hochuli - Falling in love with nearby nature
Show Notes

From your balcony to the nature strip, citizen science to observing recolionising birds - however you interact with the outside world, there are  so many reasons and so many opportunities to do so every, single day!

As the co-author of the recently published book "A guide to the creatures in your neighbourhood" Diette encourages us in this conversation to reignite our childhood curiosity of the natural world by working harder to find the extraordinary in the ordinary - not just looking and seeing but asking WHY and taking the leap to contribute in some small way. 

Getting interested in ‘nearby nature’
Not just telling people about nature but offering ideas for action and activities
Working collaboratively and managing dynamics, 
Being intrigued by the combative nature of nature
The role of creativity in science
It's not so much about the facts but the way this knowledge is shared
Learning to have public conversations about science to allow difficult conversations to unfold
Amusing ourselves at ‘A’ rather than endlessly going from A to B
The value of learning through codesign and collaboration
The value of citizen science as a gateway to connecting with nature
Storytelling as part of our intuitive human condition
Wellbeing benefits of nature and all the reasons to get involved
Accepting the way the younger generation learn
We know so little about so much
Reinstating rituals in urban environments for our young people
Genuinely listening to the kids to understand their perspective and their needs
Kids capacity to be resilient is being impacted by over connection
Giving kids agency of their journey
The adolescence dip in their connection with nature in whatever path interests them
Practicing what he preaches - learning new things every day - relax, watch and observe
Not just looking and seeing but asking WHY
Did you know worker ants and bees are all females
The pros and cons of personification of natural world elements
Creating mindful moments in nature without the need to be an ‘expert’
What the the parts of the everyday that we should be talking more about?
Our dependency on pollinators for our food security


Field guide to creatures in your neighbourhood - Diette Hochuli

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