Claire O'Rourke - Together we can...Climate grief? Action? What little thing will you do?

November 20, 2022 Jade Miles Season 6 Episode 14
Claire O'Rourke - Together we can...Climate grief? Action? What little thing will you do?
Show Notes

When was your moment of realisation that life, including our own, is finite & that the climate will impact our way of life.  How are you processing this? Claire asks, ‘how are you using your skills, networks & privilege to add your weight to the climate movement & shares the value of processing our individual climate grief & collective efforts. 

  • Processing climate grief
  •  Catalysing change within your own community
  • You can’t work on any part of nature without understanding and working on climate
  • Cognitive dissonance of our every day existence
  • Becoming clear & present in the reality of what life will be for her later years & her children lives
  • Climate grief results in exhaustion, sadness, overwhelm, 
  • Its ok to feel frustrated, distressed, anxious - things are NOT normal, we are collectively experiencing trauma 
  • There are rising levels of pre traumatic distress due to the climate realities
  • It’s emcombant on me as a person in a position of privilege to share my skills and knowledge with those who have less agency
  • Coming to terms with the fact that life is finite
  • Stepping outside the western paradigm of endless productivity
  • Learning from first nations people 
  • Using acceptance and commitment therapy as a way to move forward
  • Minimising ebbs and flows of grief with the agency that comes from action
  • Shunning a Pollyanna view of the world - there’s no hero coming to save us. We all have a role to contribute to our collective efforts and leverage existing relationships
  • We can all make a choice about fighting or flighting - being consructuve or active or distructive and dismissive is our choice alone
  • Acceptance of the inevitability that fossil fuels are on the way out
  • We are in the middle of an epidemic of loneliness - especially 19-25 years olds, this can spiral our community connection and collective
  • The value of participating without having to be the expert
  • Creating ancestral totems
  • Building gratitude practice into your every day via living creatures that connect us all to our ancestors
  • The way behaviour change flows through networks via those on the edge of multiple networks - this is often ‘everyday’ folks
  • Climate deniers are a very small percentage of Australians
  • Reframing success to celebrate the spirit of co-operation
  • Showing politicians that we want to be connected and interrelated will be transformational for politicians to see
  • Taking kids on this journey
  • Go where your interest is strongest and the need is greatest
  • We have to enjoy the world we are in otherwise whats the point in fighting for it
  • Imperfection is the beauty of human nature and imperfect is most liely to be the journey we go on as we decarbonise
  • Action on climete means more of the things we love (like the sun comig up) but less of the things we actually cant maintain (consumables)


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