Sandra Henri - making that ONE DAY define the rest of your life

July 18, 2022 Jade Miles Season 5 Episode 6
Sandra Henri - making that ONE DAY define the rest of your life
Show Notes


What can weddings teach us? To be intentional, to build ritual, to connect with our community, to co-create celebration, to build co-relational practices. Weddings are the perfect ‘on ramp’ for people to consider their long term shift for the way they live their life - its feel good activism that's fun, love filled and purposeful.

Show Notes

  • Creating a wedding carbon calculator 
  • Her aha moment on the ground in Malawi 
  • The average western wedding costs $35k 
  • Incorporating more giving into our weddings
  •  Using weddings as a chance to give back
  • The fundamental lack of sustainability mindsets in the wedding sphere
  • Creating a day that represents peoples truth 
  • Rewriting wedding culture
  • Covid weddings - smaller, simpler and more meaningful
  • Reverse the wedding plan design to build from the basics up
  • A midday nap = success
  • Enough is living a life where I can look after myself, my family and my mental health 
  • Learning to be satisfied with who we are within ourselves
  • The more grateful you are the more generous you are
  •  Building your community through your wedding
  • Wedding rituals
  • Coregulating by placing a hand on each others heart and breathing together
  • Cocreating the wedding with your community
  • Slowing down and honouring the ceremony
  • Repeating the wedding rituals with a small group of special people
  • Weddings are one of our very last traditions and this means it carries much weighty expectation
  • The smaller weddings are more intimate and allow more room for open emotional vulnerability
  • Weddings that don’t follow the rules but create their own patterns
  • Ensuring that you are awake and heard by each other not just on your wedding day but for a lifetime
  • The way you celebrate your wedding day is the foundation for the way you will spend your life together
  • If the wedding planning is all driven by the bride does this set the tone for the relationship
  • Having the hard questions about values alignment before you get to the altar
  • Reframing value and reconnecting multi generations - yearning to recreate traditional connections
  • Shared stories across generations
  • Using our privilege to share knowledge and action resilience
  • Reducing travel and guest size is the single greatest way to reduce a wedding footprint
  • Avoid imported flowers opt instead for ‘slow flowers’
  • Not letting pinterest be the guide but the seasons
  • Think about every decision you make as something that can regenerate, sustain or degenerate something or someone
  • Small weddings are more relaxed
  • Defining a united vision and purpose of something thats greater than yourself


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