Anthony James - Learning to listen for regeneration

July 04, 2022 Jade Miles Season 5 Episode 5
Anthony James - Learning to listen for regeneration
Show Notes

 As the host of the the 'regen-narration podcast, listening, learning and storytelling is this mans lens.  Join us in getting comfortable sitting in silence while we wait for the insights
With an intent for working collaboratively and creating a community of care, this conversation is flowing and abstract, reflecting on our life of fat, comfort and ease while we need  to to embrace the discomforts of our future - learning new skills to navigate a world without rose coloured glasses while maintaining action and hope that is meaningful and uplifting.

Show Notes 

  • Why his podcast is its own entity 
  • Why he is as curious and hopeful as all heck
  • Meta narratives of the regeneration movement
  • How communities are used as political pawns and divided when actually we are stronger when united
  • What he imagines life will be in 50 years
  • Why he believes our future is not yet written 
  •  Elite structures are the abstractions blocking all of us from connection to country
  • What he is doing to get around the colonial abstractions
  • Finding what it is you can bring to others and offering it with generosity
  • How can we all implement the things we are learning to the way we live our lives
  • Building a community of people 
  • Navigating the complexities of human-ness in our efforts to rebuild our communities
  • Creating a Community of care
  • Prioritising the living systems - not just supplanting the current paradigm solutions
  • Owning and claiming your own storytelling narrative - be in it, share it, connect with it
  • Removing binary thinking
  • Revelling in the space of head/heart truth
  • Our mind (the way we think) is based in biological reality and so is the way we feel - how can we chart a holistic, intuitive, experiential way forward
  • More of us are going to feel the sharp edges of climate impact
  • The power of the in-between
  • While we’re nothing on our own we are magnificent as a sum of the parts
  • Minimising intellectual explanation and leaving room for a felt experience
  • It’s time to come together across cultures, across words, across knowledge barriers
  • Our divisions are usually accentuated by the powers that be

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