Kristine Harper - Seeking a sensorial existence

June 20, 2022 Jade Miles Episode 4
Kristine Harper - Seeking a sensorial existence
Show Notes

Sustainability is not just what you consume. It's a deeply fulfilling way to be in the world.  We ask why we can’t just build arks & sail away with a few privileged like minded people & instead define value in seeking a sensorial life w a connection to place & community. Since moving to Indonesia Kristine has learnt that  you can’t count in minutes & hours the value of what you produce, she has watched her little boy learn to read nature & that when you unlearn some things it gives you space to learn new things. 

Author of Anti Trend. Kristine is a Dane now living in Bali, with a long and celebrated career in Design  Tech. Her research focuses on sustainable product design, philosophical aesthetics, aesthetic nourishment and above all else the social and ecological responsibility of the design world.

Show Notes

  • Throwing it all in & moving to Bali for a new family life
  • Recalibrating from a design first approach to a minimalist existence
  • So many discarded things in our world - deems things valueless
  • Focussing on permanence rather than short termism
  • Starting by understanding your aesthetic & pleasure preferences
  • Avoiding dogma and rules for evolution towards regeneration
  • Looking to designers to take responsibility for what they put into the world 
  • How life altering it is to be outside all the time in her tropical life
  • How going barefoot & being out-of-doors connects you to your surroundings
  • Convenience is the biggest sinner in the face of a sustainable existence 
  • Embracing friction & rawness. Avoid smoothness & convenience
  • Choosing a path that is not just ‘saving ourselves’
  • Preserving ancient traditions
  • Seeking craft made over mass produced
  • Building rhythms that nourish you
  • The value of journaling & repetition of actions
  • Passing skills of slowness onto the next generation
  • Seeking out the challenges & avoiding the instantaneous 
  • Seeking richness that ritual brings without being labelled with terms like woke
  • Finding products that are charged by the hands that hold them rather than the machines that spew them out 
  • Following intuition to make big decisions
  • Eeking space in order to let creativity flourish
  • Having to unlearn in order to embrace a subsistence existence
  • Reframing the industrial paradigm for a life with meaning
  • Working 9-5 is not suited to the majority of humans.
  • Unlearning a work ethic & finding peace with being active but not focussed on ‘output;
  • Seeking a sensorial existence
  • Ceremony - Full moon, new moon, harvest, take on a more indigenous way of navigating life
  • Physiological response to the broader happenings 
  • Her little boys ability to read nature
  • When you unlearn some things it gives you space to learn new things

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