Claire Dunn - Rewilding our soul with the Natures Apprentice

June 06, 2022 Jade Miles Season 6 Episode 3
Claire Dunn - Rewilding our soul with the Natures Apprentice
Show Notes

What would it be like to rely solely  on yourself, lean into ecological literacy, to really notice the changing patterns of the season & offer yourself the time it genuinely takes to live intimately with the earth . Claire  tells of her pathway to  following a calling to initiation - a need to let her social identity rot away on the forest floor & go into a place of deep introspection. Spurred by a  primal knowledge that we are living in a world with a deficit in:  nature, elders, community, ritual & skills, Claire is rewriting her story & rebuilding the culture around her to become one of eco awakening - it starts with something as basic as an intentional 'wander' or journaling & accepting awkwardness as we relearn the art of village building using pan cultural tools like rhythm, percussion, scent, song, body movement, repetition, nature noticing,

Show Notes
Spending a year off grid, alone, connecting to her human identity
To do what I could to be a voice for the voiceless
Her psyche turned towards a deep interconnectedness which heals the rift between the human soul & nature
The constant flow of the forest sees an intruding human as a benign presence
Rewriting her patterns of productivity, structure, 
Growing from a solo wolf into a community being
Why she never felt lonely when in the bush
Learning the art of community generated & self designed ceremony which links nature & culture
Vision quests - multiple days along in a wild place. A way to mark a transition that's already happening. A strong ceremony with an element of ordeal which humbles us & marks us porous to some of the quieter conversations.
Deep adaptation is what we’re needing. How can I live well on the land, in community with a thriving culture with wisdom around the journey of adolescence to adulthood. Reclaiming what we've lost, what we've buried but reclaiming culture in a contemporary setting.
Hunter gatherers challenge - eating only what you grow, forage or bartered
Feasting on community through intention, dedication, time, conflict, conversations
Grief as a community builder 
Sparking ourselves through rewilding - a full expression of our animus being - creativity, love, vision, vitality, quiet, deep attuned listening, 
Removing abstractions from our ability to connect to our life support systems - our embeddedness with the web of life
“Don't ask what the world needs of us, ask what makes you come alive and go do that because what the world needs most right now is a population of people who are alive”

Natures apprentice
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Rewilding the urban soul
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