Woodstock Flour talking about the last frontier of the local food system

May 23, 2022 Jade Miles
Woodstock Flour talking about the last frontier of the local food system
Show Notes

Do you know where your grain comes from... the farmers name... how they grow it? Woodstock flour are doing their level best to change the last frontier via the power of building relationships and connecting. Join Jade and Courtenay as they get gritty on grains and hear why we need to value its diversity and regionality just like  we do wine or cheese. 

Show Notes

  • Why food production is the avenue to create the most significant environmental change
  • Finding a way to fit into the family farm as the 2nd generation via a stone mill & farmers markets
  • Getting people to think about their grain consumption as they do their veggies or fruit
  • Venturing onto their own farm in Rutherglen
  • Diversifying & de-risking as part of the succession plan
  • Maintaining identity in the succession process
  • Building a farm business that is totally collaborative & openly shares knowledge
  • The importance of transparency in building a movement
  • The power of open minded, interactive relationships
  • Building a business via the lens of socio-political factors
  • Land ownership & its connection to class & race - privilege
  • Facing the confronting reality of land ownership on unceded land
  • CSA model for grains
  • Covid experiences of customer demands
  • Open Road Project
  • Education about true cost of food & reconciling the inaccessibility of this reality
  • The journey of creating a path to market from scratch
  • The value of putting yourself into things regardless of financial return in the short time
  • Holistic management 
  • Collaborating with community is often an opportunity to connect with land, find joy through connection to others & learn from all that’s around us
  • Acknowledging the slow pace of us as humans
  • How do we get the next generation interested in food production?
  • The beauty of rural communities being accepting of each others ways & thinking 
  • Finding solidarity in the wine growing community
  • Rising early to paint - no excuses, no interruptions
  • Defining business roles in a small family business 
  • Being deliberate about the daily decisions to ensure balance
  • How her painting complements her business
  • Bookending the day at the dinner table

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