Become a creature of the planet with INDIRA NAIDOO

May 09, 2022 Jade Miles Season 6 Episode 1
Become a creature of the planet with INDIRA NAIDOO
Show Notes

Following the shocking & heartbreaking death of her younger sister Indira leant into grief with the help of the natural world. She formed a deep friendship with a tree, learnt the power of self trust & became conscious of death in a way that led her to see puddles as portals into another world.
Despite the genesis, this conversation is joyful & powerful.

Show Notes

  •  Forced  to be present - the pressure is off 
  • Living the now is how the body and mind forces you to be in grief
  • "The ‘now’ is not muddied by the past or the expectation of the future"
  • Tackling the big topics and being prepared to sit with loss, grief and unexplained emotions
  • Discovering that the answers to all the questions sit within you if you're prepared to lean into the discomfort
  • Discovering it's possible to feel closer to people in death than in life
  • The forgiveness that comes with death
  • Deliberately seeking the wondrous memories to overcome the sadness
  • Becoming much more contented and grateful in the face of grief
  • Live while you are alive and don’t die until you are dead - suck the marrow out of life 
  • Why the fuzziness has been taken out of life - she is rarely not sure anymore
  • Learning to listen to herself
  • Learning to make your backyard your world
  • Why her tree is her favourite place on earth
  • Waiting for a generation before we see the impact of our actions
  • By being still you realise you're not separate from nature but part of it.
  • Why she no longer sees where her skin ends and the bark on the tree begins 
  • Let’s go fly a kite together
  • Reminding people to seek healing capacity through nature
  • Finding ways to create a sense of boundless space 
  • Understanding the impact of the colour green
  • Allow yourself to be where you are
  • Trust how you’re feeling, what makes you feel better
  • The varied faces of grief
  • Why acceptance wasn’t enough - seeking meaning is the next phase
  • Learning we are in ‘the line’ 
  • Becoming livened by the idea that death won’t elude any of us
  • Discovering how much knowledge is already in your DNA - but learning how to unlock it
  • Unlearning ‘being the one with all the answers’
  • Spending time with people who are “experts in life”
  • Stepping away from manufacturing experiences 
  • Discovering intoxication by being aware of the nature around me rather than the addition of stimulants
  • The power of observation
  • Becoming conscious of the subtle nuances in life 
  • Being drawn to the force of a tree
  • Baby steps to bring change NOW to open a crack of light in life
  • Find the time to build magic into your life


The Space Between the Stars - Indira Naidoo

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